Thursday, October 27, 2011

Breaking Bad Finale: Belated Thoughts

Season 4 of Breaking Bad was one of the most intense and dramatic seasons of television I have ever seen.  At any moment in any scene, I felt that one of the characters was about to be killed because the tensions between all the characters were so carefully constructed.  This tension was not the result of the creators mindlessly killing  off characters to shock us; it was completely organic.  Going into the finale, I assumed (correctly) that Gus would be killed by Walter, but that did not mean I thought it was certain.  If there was ever a show that would kill off its main character 75% of the way through the show, Breaking Bad seems to be the one.  I cannot wait for the last 16 episodes to air.

Season Rating: 9/10

Other Thoughts:

- Walter seems to have finally become Scarface; he is a truly evil, narcissistic man, with little to no competition in the Crystal Meth business in Albuquerque

- Giancarlo Esposito deserves an Emmy for his work as Gus...a great character that will be truly missed

- Gus's Terminator death was a little over the top but at least it is not a mystery whether or not he is dead

- Mark Margolis did so much with so little in his role...a great supporting performance

- With Gus out of the way, I assume the remaining tensions in the show will come between Walter and Jesse with Hank somewhere in the picture...would it be two "happy ending-ish" for Jesse to get revenge on Walter and help Hank bring Heisenberg to justice?...I think so

- at least Mike survived the season...I wonder what role he will play here on out

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