Saturday, September 24, 2011

Brief NBC Comedies Reviews: Community, The Office, Parks & Recreation, and Up All Night

i don't have enough to say about any of those shows to warrant an individual post for any of them, as each of the season (or series) premieres seemed more like table setting episodes for the rest of their seasons.

The Office: I don't want to judge yet as it is far too early, but this episode was not very funny...and when it was funny, it was mostly just a side gag as opposed to any character/storyline driven humor.

Community: A fun episode where I was glad to see John Goodman and Michael K. Williams.

Parks & Rec: I question the wisdom of putting Leslie and Ben together if they were just going to break them up in the Season 4 premiere...we shall see how it plays out though

Up All Night: I'm going to stick around for at least through Christmas too see what this show turns into as the pilot was solid and the cast is pretty damn great...Maya Rudolph seems to be a character from 30 Rock though, instead of a dramedy about raising a baby

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