Thursday, September 22, 2011

Drive 2011: Review

I've decided that I only I really want to write reviews of shows and movies where I feel like have something unique to say, or at least I have a point that I feel is worthy of sharing.  Writing about something just because I can, is a waste of yours and my time (besides, Roger Ebert does that for movies and Alan Sepinwall does that TV, and I can't do it better than them).  With that said, if you're looking for reasons to see Drive, you can go to a million other places because here you will only find frustration.

My frustration with this film is not with the effort, or even the intent: my frustration is with my expectations of the film going in, and not receiving what I wanted (that sounded spoiled on my part).  The trailer for this film (which I must have seen on TV a million times because it was all over Breaking Bad & Sons of Anarchy) made it seem like an action film about a getaway driver (Ryan Gosling) with a really great and dynamic cast.  The film is actually an attempt at creating an artistic look at a mysterious man who is judged by his actions.  This man is a getaway driver.  He helps out a single mother (Carey Mulligan).  Things go to shit.  He uses his ability to be cold towards those he does not respect, and his ability to drive, to try to resolve this.  In between, there are a lot of long pauses between dialogue, bad music, and not much else.  I never found anything Ryan Gosling in this movie did to be fun or enjoyable.  I was never bored exactly, but I was never fully invested in anything he did.  And that is where the movie really lost me.  The expectations of a fun genre piece set me up for a disappointing experience, but the lack of attachment to the main characters prevented me from salvaging the experience.  I do not recommend this film.

Other random thoughts:

-  Albert Brooks has a lot of fun in this role, and his character is the main character of another movie in an alternate dimension.

-  I'm a big believer in the Ron Perlman Needs More Work Club, but he seems a tad miscast here

-  Bryan Cranston does not have a character here to match his talent

-  Did anybody else think Carey Mulligan was channeling Michelle Williams here?

Movie Rating: 4.5/10

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