Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sons of Anarchy Season 4 Premiere Thoughts

I'm not living off my wife.  I can't.

Season 2 of SoA seemed to indicate that the latest great television show had graced our screens.  Season 2 was a roller coaster of emotions, where the audience was living and dying with the characters.  Season 2 ended on a cliffhanger of limitless potential, as Jax's son was kidnapped by an Irish thug and smuggled to Ireland in an act of delusional revenge.  Everyone was excited for season 3, but that season failed to live up to the promise of season 2, and it left many fans and critics lukewarm on the show (although everyone pretty much agreed that the last 15 minutes of the finale was damn fucking great).

Episode Review:

And just like that, Sons of Anarchy is right back on track.  Jax is an assertive protagonist with a clear goal in mind.  SAMCRO is taking care of business and not letting their town go to shit.  Finally, new looming persons threaten to take down their organization and everything they stand for.

Jacob Hale seems to be on the verge once again of taking over the town, and now there two lawmen who seem to finally have the discipline and the means to take down SAMCRO legitimately.  All of this is a great formula for SoA to return to Season 2 form, and set a new base for the rest of the series (believed to be 7 total seasons).  Let's hope the show can live up to the promise this time.

Random Musings on the episode:

- Rockmund Dunbar and Ray McKinnon are great actors to be the new nemeses of the Sons...I'm curious to see if they are continued to be portrayed to so admirable; lawmen in the past have been portrayed so negatively, which has been a crutch to make the audiences more sympathetic towards the outlaws

-  glad to see Dayton Callie given more interesting work to do as Unser

-  I have to admit, I totally bought that Kurt Sutter was going to kill himself off the show in that opening montage...how many more times can this character get away with this before being executed?

-  the show needs to make clear soon what exactly are Tara's feelings on SAMCRO...it seems to vary from episode to episode at random

Episode Rating: 8/10

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