Thursday, September 8, 2011

Louie Season 2 Finale Thoughts (w/ Chris Rock!)

"Waive to me dummy"  
"I will wait for you!"

What a perfect end to one of the finest seasons of a sitcom ever.  Louis C.K. is no doubt a television auteur; he has created a television program that needs to be passed down for generations to come.  It is art.  Uncompromising Art.

The season finale perfectly played on all the major themes and ideas that populate Louie.  Louie has an interaction with Steven Wright that makes him question who he is; the creepy (but still attractive) blonde woman proposition him, and in a moment of weakness, he decides that he should ignore his responsibilities and go with her to have sex.  Louie's desperation for something out of the ordinary takes hold of him.

As usual, that situation goes poorly, and Louie must call on a trusted friend to help him: Chris Rock.  Rock is not some celebrity cameo meant to pop a rating (see every celebrity cameo in Friends ever).  Rock talks to Louie and once again makes Louie question who he is.  However, while Wright made Louie want to take chances, Rock reminds him that he is in his 40's now with responsibilities.  Louie is still trapped in some limbo though where he incessantly wants to free of responsibility, while still recognizing that his kids are everything to him.

A perfect short story to start the finale.

The second story dealt with Louie's continued obsession with Pamela and his delusion into thinking that he must be with her.  As Pamela gets onto a plane to go to France to get back with her ex, Louie does a perfect parody of the cliche airport sequence.  He leaves the airport thinking that he has found someone worth waiting for, but the audience knows, Pamela doesn't want him still.  The tragedy of Louie continues.

Episode Rating: 10/10
Season Rating: 9/10

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